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$84,000 Drug Now or $600,000 Liver Transplant Later?

High-Priced Sovaldi Said to Yield Long-Term Savings

A new drug called Sovaldi promises to cure 9 out of 10 patients with hepatitis C. Hep C is the leading reason for liver transplants. Sovaldi’s price has led to an outbreak of sticker shock in the U.S., home to roughly 3 million hep C sufferers, many of whom qualify for publicly funded health care. …

Facebook’s Emotion Experiment & Informed Consent

Did Facebook get consent? Did it even need to?

For seven days in January 2012, roughly 689,000 Facebook users unknowingly took part in an “emotional contagion” study. Facebook reduced the percentage of positive posts, negative posts, or both in select news feeds. A comparison group had posts omitted from their feeds at random. Reducing negative posts led users to give status updates with fewer …