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Evil in All Its Forms

Wheaton College’s Religious Objection to a Religious Accommodation Form

The U.S. Supreme Court expanded exemptions to a federal mandate that requires employer health plans to cover birth control. The mandate already exempts churches and lets other non-profits file for a “religious accommodation.” The Hobby Lobby decision lets for-profit employers file, too. The Wheaton College ruling lets Wheaton, a Christian non-profit, skip filing the accommodation form—EBSA …

The Courage of One’s Convictions Corrections

Motivated Reasoning & Revising False Beliefs

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Psychologists have raised doubts about whether we can reliably reason our way to true beliefs. Numerous studies suggest we’re prone to “motivated reasoning.” We sometimes argue against the facts due to unconscious goals that don’t aim at the truth. The New Yorker and Vox interviewed Brendan Nyhan and Dan Kahan, respectively, two researchers who study …