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Evil in All Its Forms

Wheaton College’s Religious Objection to a Religious Accommodation Form

The U.S. Supreme Court expanded exemptions to a federal mandate that requires employer health plans to cover birth control. The mandate already exempts churches and lets other non-profits file for a “religious accommodation.” The Hobby Lobby decision lets for-profit employers file, too. The Wheaton College ruling lets Wheaton, a Christian non-profit, skip filing the accommodation form—EBSA …

Treating Pets as Persons in Citizen Canine

The Advancing Legal Status of Cats and Dogs

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David Grimm, journalist and editor at Science, has published a book about our increasingly personal connection to our pets. This worthwhile read is called Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs. A central theme is cats and dogs’ path to legal personhood. The book explores answers to two questions. Do cats and dogs …