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Strict Voter ID Laws Are Winning in Federal Courts

Opponents Can Still Try Winning at the Polls

As voters hit the polls for the 2014 midterms, as many as half will be asked to show ID. Based on 2012 data, 55% of registered voters live in states that currently enforce voter ID laws. About 30% reside in the 21 states that request ID but will also use other means to certify a …

Twisting the Family Tree

If Same-Sex Marriage is Legal, must Incest be, too?

Opponents of same-sex marriage sometimes raise the specter of legalized incest. For example, in the federal court ruling that upheld Louisiana’s same-sex marriage ban, Judge Martin Feldman writes: [M]ust the states permit or recognize a marriage between an aunt and niece? Aunt and nephew? Brother/brother? Father and child? In a brief to the U.S. Supreme …